The Fate of the Furious

Cantina Creative

God's Eye 2.0

My main contribution to The Fate of the Furious was as an animator and designer for the God's Eye 2.0 sequence, in which Tej, Ramsey, and the rest of the crew use a world-connected supercomputer to track down Dominic Toretto's location. Below are a selection of stills from the sequence in the final film. 

God's Eye 2.0 Design Assets

Below are a selection of the God's Eye 2.0 design assets created by Nicolas Lopardo and Alan Torres. Regardless of how small certain elements might appear, there's a very good chance I animated every single bit and piece visible below. So many keyframes.


Client Universal Pictures
VFX Supervisor Tony Lupoi
Graphics Supervisor Alan Torres
VFX Producer Donna Cullen
Executive Producer Sean Cushing
Compositors Julianne Dome, Aaron Eaton, Matt Eaton, Stephen Gall, Robert Giles III, Jay Grunfeld, Jeffrey Olney, Fernando Raigoza Jr., Brian Sales, Brian Yarnell
Designers Carly Cerquone, Lynn Choi, Andrew Hawryluk, Nate Jess, Sang Kim, Shawn Lee, Nicolas Lopardo, Cisco Torres, Daniel Zhang