OFFF Barcelona 2014 Main Titles

ALT Creative, Inc.


I had the incredible honor of getting to work with two of my very talented friends, Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns on the 2014 Main Titles for OFFF Barcelona. 


Ash designed all of the navigation screens, basing a majority of the imagery on sacred geometry and I had the privilege of animating them. Anthony composited my renders into the final shots.

A Topix Production

Christopher Thomas - Ben
Gary Lundstrom - Franklyn
Jude Taylor - Young Ben
Roxanne - Russell The Dog

Directors - Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns
Writers - Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns
Producer - Nick Bechard
First Assistant Director - Nick Bechard
Director of photography - The Joelsons
Editor - Anthony Scott Burns
VFX - Anthony Scott Burns
UI Animator - Andrew Hawryluk
Heli/Movi Camera Operator - Henning Sandström 
Remote Helicopter Unit pilot - Brad Meier
Movi/Remote Helicopter Unit - Freefly Systems
Assistant Camera / Set Stills Photographer - Rebecca Joelson
Production Assistant / Set Stills Photographer - Howard Gordon
Color Grading - Marc Morato Metropolitana
Score - Pilotpriest

Special Thanks:
Our amazing family and friends
Stacy Hatzinikolas
Monica Thorp
Tony Husted
Jeff Levaur
North Bend Motel